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we're not just cowboys and spurs

a d d m e - t e x a s

add me - texas
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Welcome to addme_tx!

Yes, this is another "add me" community. but, hey, they're all here for a reason!

This is a place where Texas people can meet other Texas people and make more friends. If you're not from Texas and want to join, go ahead!

A few simple rules:
  • DoN't TyPe LiKe ThIs. (posts like that will be deleted)
  • Be respectful to other memebers.
  • If you want to post pictures, please, put them under a cut.
  • DO NOT posy surveys or quizzes (in exception to the newbie survey).
  • If you add someone, comment on their journal a lot! that is, after all, the point of this community.
  • When you join, you're first post should include the following survey. just copy and paste the following into the update page:

  • If you want to promote this community, copy and paste the following anywhere:
    Image hosted by Photobucket.com
    (thanks industrikitty!)

    have fun!!
    -♥, theridesover