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Newbie survey -name:Darby -age:21 -location: Denton -sex:… - we're not just cowboys and spurs

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December 29th, 2008

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08:01 am
Newbie survey
-location: Denton
-sex: female
-taken/single?: very single
-music: pop, techno, hip hop, showtunes (former theatre major, haha), 80s, opera, classical. counting crows is my favorite band. i also like patrick wolf, south san gabriel, tori amos, kanye west, washington social club, keane and my favorite musical is caroline, or change.
-movies: my own private idaho, lawrence of arabia, doctor zhivago, star wars, milk, the dark knight (um, duh), garden state, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, moulin rouge, wristcutters:a love story, evita, american psycho
-describe yourself: i am a history major at texas woman's university. i would like to be a professor one day. my minor is women's studies. i love video games and books. my obsession s magazines. i am subscribed to the nation, the new yorker, washington monthly, international socialist review, home & design, sojourners, and tea time (look that last one up, you'll die laughing at the website...the magazine is just as funny if you have that sort of sense on humor). i have a cat named luke after luke skywalker. i sleep in a papasan and have a love affair with said papasans. i obviously like history. i don't watch too much television but i do own all three seasons of avatar: the last airbender because that animation was hardcore. i mostly just watch educational shows when i do turn my tv on. i get the washington post online and that's how i get my news.
-will you promote this community?: if someone adds me i will! -honesty.
-if you promoted us, where do you do so? (we're just curious): on my profile page
-anything else?: feed me ben and jerry's.

-post 2 1 CLEAR pictures of yourself:

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