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October 9th, 2010

04:12 pm
Add to friends 100% ohrimka89

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April 28th, 2009

06:53 am


My name is alexandra im 19
I'm a student majorinmg in inturpreting for the Deaf
I live in houston
I can be shy at first sometimes but I love meeting new people
I like writing poetry and short stories
some day I hope to get some of my work published.
i like
 watching tv all the 90's sitcoms
si fi and teen dramas
Im always up for going to the  movies piticularly
suspense and horror films
the kind that keep you on the edge of your seat biting your nails
I love listening to music  techno hardcore rock
and rap
 like playing video games too
or playing mmo games online
I'm kinda dorky really....
I guess hte glaases is a dead giveaway
eaither way Im always up for making new friends


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April 15th, 2009

03:22 pm
Hey, Im Haley. Im a 22 year old, Girl in the world.
Im new to livejournal, and I need some friends. I don't want a whole bunch of add's from people who will never get to know me, and vise versa. I just want a few intresting people, preferably over the age of 18 that want a few close friends to keep in touch with.
I speak my mind, and I wear my heart on my sleeve.
Im a bitch. Allegedly. Ok, Yeah I can be a total bitch. But the secret behind that is I am absolutely the most sensitive person I know, so underneath all the bitchy-ness, is a vunurable sensitve little girl.
I cannot stand APATHY. I am VERY empathetic.
Who knows what Im going to be talking about in my journal. Everything. I don't hold back anything.
Im random. My life is definitly on a rollercoster ride right now. Ive been drug free for over a year now, occasionaly I smoke pot. I don't label myself sexually. Most of my life Ive had feelings for girls. Once I had feelings for a boy. I don't believe anymore that I was in love with him, he is still a friend though. I am now in a relationship with my girlfriend, who was my friend two years before we ever started dating. My life changes all the time, along with my moods. Yep Im moody. I really don't know what you wanna know. Don't hesitate to ask. It doesn't matter the degree of the question, I will awnser anything.
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April 12th, 2009

02:07 am - This could be interesting....
Newbie Survey

Name: Kailey Erin
Age: 18
Location: Kerrville/ San Antonio (Kerrville's about an hour away from SA)
Sex: Yes, please.
Taken/single?: Pleading the 5th.
Music: Silverstein, Avenged sevenfold, random songs and bands and shit
Movies: Fast times at ridgemont high
Describe yourself: College freshmen, majoring in psychology attending Schreiner University. Addictions include diet coke, texting on my samsung propel, my ipod,

Will you promote this community: no.
If you promoted us, where do you do so (we're just curious):......
Anything else?: not that I can think of...
Post two clear pictures of yourself:

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December 29th, 2008

08:01 am
Newbie survey
-location: Denton
-sex: female
-taken/single?: very single
-music: pop, techno, hip hop, showtunes (former theatre major, haha), 80s, opera, classical. counting crows is my favorite band. i also like patrick wolf, south san gabriel, tori amos, kanye west, washington social club, keane and my favorite musical is caroline, or change.
-movies: my own private idaho, lawrence of arabia, doctor zhivago, star wars, milk, the dark knight (um, duh), garden state, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, moulin rouge, wristcutters:a love story, evita, american psycho
-describe yourself: i am a history major at texas woman's university. i would like to be a professor one day. my minor is women's studies. i love video games and books. my obsession s magazines. i am subscribed to the nation, the new yorker, washington monthly, international socialist review, home & design, sojourners, and tea time (look that last one up, you'll die laughing at the website...the magazine is just as funny if you have that sort of sense on humor). i have a cat named luke after luke skywalker. i sleep in a papasan and have a love affair with said papasans. i obviously like history. i don't watch too much television but i do own all three seasons of avatar: the last airbender because that animation was hardcore. i mostly just watch educational shows when i do turn my tv on. i get the washington post online and that's how i get my news.
-will you promote this community?: if someone adds me i will! -honesty.
-if you promoted us, where do you do so? (we're just curious): on my profile page
-anything else?: feed me ben and jerry's.
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Current Mood: blankblank

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December 28th, 2008

02:47 pm
Newbie survey
-age: 26
-location: Amarillo
-sex: Male
-taken/single?: Single
-music: everything
-movies: everything
-describe yourself: athletic nerd. adrenaline junkie, but  i love just sitting down with a good book.
-will you promote this community?: sure
-if you promoted us, where do you do so? (we're just curious): on my profile, under friends
-anything else?: almost done with my bachelors
Current Mood: good
Current Music: whatever i download.

Current Mood: fullfull

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December 17th, 2008

03:16 pm

Newbie survey
-age: 33
-location: Fort Worth
-sex: Female
-taken/single?: Single
-music: eclectic
-movies: everything but war
-describe yourself: redhead with a history.
-will you promote this community?: sure
-if you promoted us, where do you do so? (we're just curious): on my profile, under friends
-anything else?:  I play Evercrack on Xegony server.  Also about to go back to school
for a teaching degree.

Current Mood: ok
Current Music: the radio

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December 11th, 2008

12:38 am
-name: Jacqui
-age: 24 in about 3 weeks
-location: near Mcallen, in the Rio Grande valley, originally from CT
-sex: female
-taken/single?: engaged
-music: mostly symphonic metal, regular metal, doom metal, rock, alternative, some electro and indie
-movies: just saw Twilight and loved it, LOTR, Harry Potter, A Beautiful Mind, Girl, Interrupted, etc.
-describe yourself: I'm very short (4'10), reddish-brown curly hair, glasses. I talk a lot and I'm an artist (mostly digital and writing, some painting as well) and I recently got engaged to a guy originally from here and Mexican.
-will you promote this community?: I dunno.
-if you promoted us, where do you do so? *shrug*(we're just curious):
-anything else?:
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November 24th, 2008

05:06 pm - new
hey everyone!
i'm moving to the houston area with my boyfriend really soon.  we just got our apartment all set up on saturday, and i think i'm going to love it.

i'm 22 and from the mississippi coast.  i'm going to school for an art degree (emphasis in painting and sculpture).  i'm in between right now because i keep having to transfer.  as far a music, i listen to just about everything.  i know that's vague, but it's true.  it ranges from the dresden dolls to the cure to oasis to the carpenters to the andrews sisters to nirvana and porcupine tree to mississippi john hurt to fergie to neutral milk hotel to brad paisley.  lately, i've been listening to a lot of old country.  i'm excited about the food in houston the most, i think.  since katrina, i can't even get taco bell down on the coast without making a twenty minute drive.  i like to make things.  my favorite shows are the office, firefly, what not to wear, iron chef, good eats, arrested development, and i'm sure there are more i'm forgetting.  i'm probably going to be a crazy cat lady when i'm old.  i don't really know what else to write, and obviously i'm rambling, so add me (my journal is set to private.)  if you're in houston, tell me where to eat and what to do!

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June 22nd, 2008

01:14 pm

Hey dolls.

I'm 'Elle, 19, and this feels ways too much like a personal add, which I have no experience writing. I'm a young musician looking to break into the industry. I play piano, drums, a little guitar, and write lyrics. Trying to learn the cello and pick up the viola again. I sing for a rock/metal band of three pretty cool guys. Music is life. Everything else is just the silences between the songs.

I'm a live-and-let kind of girl, open minded, with some strangely strong passions for coffee, reading, and the Oxford English Dictionary. When I was twelve I wanted to be a writer, and I don't think I've stopped writing since. My entries are mostly artsy re-tellings of my day to day life with flashbacks to my intense high school days and odd childhood memories. I'm a tad morbid and have way too much time to think, which probably shows. I love learning about different religions, but am still confused about my own as I often feel like god's step-child. I'm a little obsessive, a little impulsive, and probably slightly insane. I call people I barely know things like doll face and lover. I like opera, museums (especially when they feature Miwa Yanagai), running in the dark, driving too fast, and am convinced I will one day save the world.

I cannot be contained within a few paragraphs. I'm sort of like the equivalency of an acid trip.

I used to be actively involved on lj, writing several times a day and commenting on all my friends' entries. However, I got away from writing for a year or so and now it seems all my lj friends have stopped writing as well. I'm a bit of a comment whore. I love reading people's insights into their days, things past the all too common "I went here and saw this person and then ate lunch and it was fun."

Add me. We may fall in love.


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